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Address44 Users

What Data does Address44 store about its Users?

When you register to use Address44 you supply your name and company name (if applicable) a contact address and contact details such as email address and telephone number. These details are stored by Address44 so that we can contact you if required. The details you provide may appear on your confirmation emails you send to your customers, so that they can contact you if required. You can change your details at any time using the Address44 web control panel.

Our Email Policy

From time to time we may send you emails. These will contain information relating to Address44 which we believe you would benefit from, and also essential information about Address44 which you may need to know. We also send a renewal reminders before expiry of your credits. 

Data Backups

Our systems are backed up throughout the day with an additional backup taking place every 24 hours at a secure offsite facility.

Upgrade Payment

Address44 does not store or come into contact with your card details. We use PCI compliant third party payment providers for this purpose.

Access to your Data

Apart from each user, access to the data on the Address44 machines is limited to employees of RomanCart Ltd. (who are bound by confidentiality agreements) only. Our servers are located in secure data centers in the UK to which only security approved engineers have access to the hardware.

Business Transactions

In the event that Address44 is the subject of a merger, takeover or other business transition, ownership of the information Address44 holds may be transferred. In this instance you will be notified by a message on the web control panel and we will also attempt to contact you by email.

Cookies And Tracking

Address44 Cookies

Cookies are not requiredfor Address44 to be used. The admin system and setting up Address44 uses temporary cookies which are only used for the administrator of the addree44 account.

What Do We Do With Stored Information When A User Terminates Their Relationship With Us?

Data is stored for legitimate business purposes and to comply with the law unless we receive a valid request to remove the data.

If an account is not accessed by a user for 6 months and credits are not purchased, Address44 may initiate a delete process removing some or all of the data. Anonymised agregated data may be kept and used in perpetuity. For example, total number of users using Address44 on a given day, or total throughput.

Data Security

Our systems are run in physically secure environments with multiple levels of security required to access any of our equipment at all locations.
We do not store card details and because of this are 'Out of Scope' of PCI requirements.
We use standard industry practices on information security management at both hardware and software levels to secure the data held with us.

Because of the nature of transmitting data accross the internet and the ever changing nature of internet technologies it is not possible to 100% guarantee the security of stored data.

Control Over And Access To Personal Information


Address44 provides built in functionality to update user details. You should use these to modify details as required.

GDPR Requests

If you have any requests under the terms of the GDPR  please email [email protected] with the subject 'FAO Data Protection Officer'

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