UK Address Auto-Complete and Postcode Lookup
UK Postcode Lookup API
Using Address44 you can add postcode lookup to any application or system that you are developing. Integrating the Address44 UK Postcode Lookup API could not be easier.

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You can either use the API server side, for example from PHP or another server side language, or you can query the API client side using javascript with Ajax.

To use the API, you simply send it the postcode you would like the addresses for and they will be returned in JSON format.

See below for an example of how you would add this to your code.
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UK Postcode Lookup API Quickstart Tutorial using Address44
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Get Started

How The Address44 UK Postcode Lookup API Works

Create an http post and send the Postcode to the Address44 endpoint as shown below. The API will return a list of matching addresses as a JSON string.


Basic Example Code Using PHP

Example UK Postcode Lookup API JSON Returned

A fictional example of the JSON formatted array of addresses you will receive in return is below. If your access-key is not correct you will receive an http 403 response. If there are no matches, nothing will be returned.



Advanced Example Code Using PHP

This example retrieves and decodes the addresses for a postcode. It then puts that data into a drop down select box. You can modify this code to use it however you require.

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